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good reason

A young chimp is doubtful that there's a baby inside his pregnant mother's stomach, and with good reason: 'I was in there once, four years ago. I didn't see anybody else.' When the boy's father assures him that he'll be getting a new playmate, the chimp envisions playing ball with his baby brother. But his grandmother's prediction that the baby is a girl elicits a far less palatable image: that of the scowling chimp having a tea party with his sister. The chimp's ingenuous voice and skepticism give Mackall's (Listen to the Silent Night) story a wily edge that many books about soon-to-be siblings lack. Also refreshing is newcomer Whitt's bustling mixed-media art. Bold colors, textures, and patterns intermingle in jungle scenes that parrot the narrator's change of mood as he accepts the prospect of a new baby, pitches in to help prepare for her arrival, and welcomes her into his world. A playfully affirming book for reluctant prospective siblings. --Publisher's Weekly October 22, 2012

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